Our Medina Market Bag Collection

Beautiful enough to be used as an accessory in your home yet functional enough to pack a picnic and head for the beach!  Our Medina Market Bags are so special, it is hard to know where to begin. 

Each basket is handcrafted by woman artisans from the region of Essaouira, where there is abundance of natural river rush. This indigenous fiber is the same material that has been used to make baskets and mats for centuries.

The baskets then travel 100 miles from these villages to the city of Marrakech. Here, Mrs. Khadija distributes the baskets to women coops all over the city. The women artisans hand sew the leather handles and apply the expressions on our new motto bags.


The leather used on our bags are tanned with natural plant extracts and colored with natural vegetable dyes that are safe on the environment. Each basket helps local communities around Marrakech, preserving ancient traditions and these Moroccan artisans’ heritage.